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Benefits to upgrading your business telecoms system

With technology’s continued evolution, it’s challenging to ensure the tools your business relies on are up to date, like your business telephone system. After all, people get used to things. Upgrading a vital part of their day-to-day workflow means a time investment because you need to train them on how to use it.

That means not only taking time out of their day for training on a new system. But, also preparing for speed bumps along the way as your team learns how to adjust. There’s also the simple fact that new equipment costs money. It can be a substantial investment, but one that’s well worth it down the road.

What’s important to keep in mind is that your legacy systems have hidden costs that might not be immediately obvious. Old technology is generally much more vulnerable to some sort of breach or hack. This can open you up to liability issues and a risk of taking a big hit to your credibility with customers.

Even more importantly, you might be spending a substantial amount of money maintaining, repairing, and supporting your old business telephone system. Here are some major signs you need to upgrade your business telephone system and what you stand to gain by acting now.

Why you should upgrade your PBX system

1.  Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) brings all of your communications (from voicemail to email to text messages and internal chat) into one place saves time because you don’t have to root around in many channels separately to find information. You gain the flexibility to get your data when and where you need it without having to set up some sort of complicated call-forwarding scheme.

For businesses with employees who are frequently in the field, like construction, warehouse control, or logistics, this can be a gamechanger. At the same time, many organizations face a sort of chicken-and-egg situation when it comes to moving to UC. Without a plan to make the switch, they’re hesitant to upgrade their legacy phone systems, but without upgrading, they can’t pull off the move.

2. Employees who work remotely

Remote workers are becoming an increasingly common part of the business landscape. 

The shift to cloud-based tools has enabled these trends. Cloud-based tools make sure that no matter where you are, you have access to everything you need to get the job done. 

3. Your business plans to expand

One surefire way to know if it’s time to upgrade your business telephone system is if you struggle to add new phone lines or numbers. Every organization is ultimately looking to grow. You don’t want your PBX phone system holding you back when you’re adding people to your team. Newer cloud-based phone technology makes adding lines and numbers a simple process. There’s no need to make the onboarding process more difficult than it already can be.

4. Growing IT costs

One of the biggest hidden costs of staying with a PBX phone system is simply keeping everything working. Between licensing, proprietary hardware, and maintenance, things can add up. Many organizations don’t consider the savings they’ll gain from upgrading their phone system when considering a switch. Newer cloud-based technology is much easier to maintain, and in the long run, you’ll actually end up saving money. On top of that, you’ll gain productivity boosts from the new things that an upgraded business telephone system makes possible, like UC.

5. Your competitors have already upgraded

Relying on a legacy phone system when your competition has already made the switch can put your business at a significant competitive disadvantage. Between easy UC, scalability, and security wins, there’s more than enough there to make it well worth the investment. Don’t get left behind.

6. You rely on your phone system

If your business relies on its phone system (either to stay in touch with customers and support them or to make sales calls), you need to have the latest and greatest technology to make sure you’re working as efficiently as possible. Upfront costs and the possibility of downtime should not prevent you from upgrading. The benefits of an upgraded phone system can often far outweigh those considerations.

New technology can do a lot for your business to boost productivity and impact the bottom line:

  • Protect yourself from hackers with a more integrated business phone system.
  • Factor savings on maintenance into your assessment of upgrade costs.
  • Make the move to UC by starting with your telephone equipment.
  • Add scalability with a cloud-based solution.

YTL can advise on the best replacement for your current PBX system to suit your business needs.

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