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4 Key ways that recording your calls can benefit your business

Call recording software has existed for many years now. Most businesses that deal with customers over the phone on a daily basis make use of it to some extent. Call recording is an accepted part of the customer service experience for most of us. We hardly even notice that little message at the start of calls that let us know we’re being recorded. Although call recording is now standard practice, at YTL we believe there are other great advantages to implementing call recording in your business.

Call recording allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls from your business phone system. This includes calls being made into the office and any remote calls made to remote workers using cloud communications services via their laptops or mobiles.

Different call recording services have different features. We’re going to use today’s blog to discuss some of the features included within our call recording service, and how they can help your business.

Ensure a quality customer service

Your customer service defines what your business is all about. A call recording service allows management staff to maintain a clear picture of how staff are communicating with their customers. This allows you to improve your process moving forwards in a variety of ways.

The first is that it allows you to monitor individual performance. We know this sounds a bit like Big Brother, but it’s more than that. A call recording solution allows you to spot  individual strengths and weaknesses. If you notice one member of staff going above and beyond, or applying some revolutionary new techniques, then that call could be the perfect training resource for new hires.

Similarly, a study from Hubspot found that if a member of your customer service team is struggling with certain aspects of the call process, one of the most effective coaching method is to review one of their calls with them side by side.

Stay within guidelines and protect staff

Many industries must follow strict regulatory guidelines when communicating with their customers. This is especially apparent in highly regulated industries such as professional services, healthcare or manufacturing. Without the correct monitoring, ‘who said what’ disputes can easily escalate and cost your business thousands. Not to mention the impact on staff morale and customer service.

Call recording provides the easiest way of ensuring that your business always stays between the lines. If any dispute arises, you can quickly refer to your recorded calls to prove that your company stayed within guidelines or to clarify what your customer said at the time. In either situation call recording it is more decisive and less costly and time consuming.

Similarly, if your staff claim that a customer overstepped the mark, you can quickly review any calls that have taken place and choose a course of action based on the evidence.

Discover key customer insights and assure quality

We know how difficult it can be to get customers to leave helpful feedback. Whether it’s via surveys or reviews, it can often be a struggle to get them to engage. Call recording means you don’t have to.

Our call recording service automatically stores each call in a cloud database. This can then be accessed from a device of your choice. Simply filter calls by department based on what you need to know. This can be used for a variety of purposes.

The first is that it can show where a customer’s pain points are. If you are frequently called about problems involving a particular product or service, then it might be worth updating your website, support or training in order to solve any confusion moving forwards. The second goes the opposite direction, recorded calls are a great way of gauging what’s going well! If certain products or services are receiving good feedback on calls, let your marketing staff know as these could be key messages to use moving forwards.

Guarantee that specifications are always met

In a business environment we share a huge amount of details over the phone. This is especially apparent in industries like manufacturing or construction, where the specific details about each project are vital. Without the right processes in place though, it’s easy for things to be missed.

A recorded call gives you and your team something to refer to. It’s easy to search our cloud database for a specific client, or even an individual call. From here you can ensure that you’re working to the client’s exact requests, and also means if they claim otherwise, you have an easy response. 

Whether you’re a team of 10 or 10,000, looking to implement a recording solution out of industry necessity or to improve your customer service offering, YTL can help. We can provide a solution that works across a range of working environments and devices, as well as creating secure storage and management solution.

To get in touch with our team on 01924 249 499, we’d be very happy to help.