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On hold messaging blog

The benefit of custom on-hold messages

What does your business do to manage customer relationships? Do you have a great customer support experience? Do you tailor your products or services to each individual customer? At YTL we have a way for you to enhance your customer experience before you even speak to a customer or prospect. It’s called on-hold messaging. What … Read more

Mobile blog

How to get the best deal on your business mobiles

If you’re reading this blog the chances are you already know the benefits that a business mobile plan can bring to your team. Today we’re not going to spell out why mobiles are useful for business. Instead we’ll take a look at some of the plans and features available that allow you to get the … Read more

Alternative provider blog

Phill Burke: Why alternative providers are the future

Hi all, I’ve been in telecoms for longer than I care to remember. When I started, mobile phones were as big as paving slabs. As for the internet, only a few hundred people had ever sent an email. BT hadn’t been privatised. Shakin’ Stevens topped the charts. I’m not here to bang on about the … Read more