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Small business phone system guide

Phone systems for small business: a guide

Phone systems are not just for big enterprises. They can add real value for any business, whatever your size and sector. Why? No matter the industry, every business has a need in common: communication. Whether it’s with customers, colleagues or clients, communication is fundamental. Get it wrong, and it’ll have a knock-on effect on everything … Read more

Legal and finance blog

Phone systems for finance and legal teams

Finance and legal teams need to prioritise efficient customer interactions and professionalism at every turn. Clients in this sector can each be worth thousands, so we know how important it is to get every conversation right. We also know many smaller businesses in these sectors are looking for a way to compete with the big … Read more

Professional services blog

Business phone systems for professionals – 5 frequently asked questions

At YTL we know a business phone system must do the basics right first and foremost. The vast majority of customers who come to us looking for a new VoIP business phone system are doing so because their existing service no longer meets their basic needs. This could be down to poor call quality, unreliable … Read more