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Manufacturing blog

Business Phone Systems for Manufacturers

Manufacturers are hurt by downtime more than just about any other industry. If one cog in the machine stops working your entire business could be at risk. We know how many new challenges this industry is facing, with ongoing disruption from Covid, supply chain issues and rising prices. Without the right technology and oversight there’s … Read more

Hybrid working blog

Is hybrid working here to stay?

Although a lot of businesses are back in the office now, the world of work has changed forever. Many people discovered that when working remotely became an option, they actually much preferred it. From a productivity and morale standpoint it cut out busy commutes and put the focus back towards doing what really mattered. We … Read more

Education CRM blog

CRM integration for the education sector

It’s essential that schools have a modern and streamlined way to manage student needs and attendance. The way that schools interact with students, parents and other third parties such as suppliers are changing all the time. The way schools manage communications between staff and parents are changing too. Even since in-person teaching returned, many of … Read more

Connectivity landscape

The changing connectivity landscape

The world of business connectivity has changed a lot in the past few years. This is for two main reasons. The first is that technology has advanced. On the search for increasingly higher speeds, we’ve developed some fantastic new services. The second is that businesses’ connectivity needs have exponentially grown. We use more connected devices … Read more