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Disaster Recovery blog

How to implement a disaster recovery plan

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans are more important to businesses now than ever before. Even after 2020’s lockdowns, businesses have been forced to recognise that there’s a very real chance that they will have to work away from the office at a moment’s notice. This sounds like quite a scary situation, but it doesn’t … Read more

Call? Message? or Conference?

Message, Call or Conference? Our top tips for making the most of UC Cloud

Unified Communications is set to define the way that businesses keep in touch in the coming years. Instead of being bound by a traditional phone system, a Unified Communications service can be accessed from any location and on a huge variety of devices. UC services are designed with two main purposes in mind for businesses: … Read more

call recording

4 Key ways that recording your calls can benefit your business

Call recording software has existed for many years now. Most businesses that deal with customers over the phone on a daily basis make use of it to some extent. Call recording is an accepted part of the customer service experience for most of us. We hardly even notice that little message at the start of … Read more