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Cloud without the internet blog

Using the Cloud without the Internet

“What happens to my Cloud communications system if my internet connection drops?” It’s a question we hear a lot at YTL, and we’re here to tell you that providers have baked-in several different ways to mitigate the impact that an internet outage can have on your office communications. In this blog post we will explore … Read more

Must have education communications blog

Must-have communications features for the education sector

Do you work in a school or college? If so, what are you looking for in a phone system? Since we started YTL in 1996, we’ve gained some deep insights into the features of communications systems that the education sector values the most. We’ve compiled our top 10 list of phone system features that are … Read more

new term blog

Helping the Education sector with the new term

The new term is here! We know that this is a hugely important time for teams in the education sector and we’re here to help. The education sector is unique when compared to many others, in terms of how they use technology and also the care they need to take when implementing this, which is … Read more